Call Centres & Virtual agents

We offer a wide range of call center services within Finance, Procurement, HR, IT, and Digital Workplace, and can easily expand dependent on your needs within any industry.

If your organization is about to implement a call center, we have excessive experience to offer in all phases of the set-up. We can also add value by setting up ServiceNow, virtual agents using Google CCAI or chatbots.

Call centre

Our existing call center in Pakistan is ready to support your organization within Finance, Procurement, HR, IT, and Digital Workplace.

HR Support

  • Payroll, time & absence
  • Financial expense control
  • preventive controls to improve employee life cycle
  • Stand-alone service or end-to-end incl. ticketing system and user contact channel
  • Our NPS 80+ %

Finance & Procurement Support

  • Invoice to pay, receivables, controlling, Project accounting, record to report, month end closing and more
  • End to end support of ERP applications
  • Our NPS 80+ %

IT & Digital Workplace Support

  • End user computing devices, including on ground support
  • Digital workplace tools like video conferencing, workplace, Single Sign on, active directory, Office 365, networks, etc.
  • Includes end to end support of applications/tools, coordination with internal & external stakeholders
  • Stand-alone service or end-to-end incl. ticketing system and user contact channel
  • Experience with both on-prem and cloud
  • Our NPS 80+ %

Virtual agents

We help you implement and manage virtual agents based on Google’s Call Center Artificial Intelligence.

  • Deployment of AI in contact center to deflect human agent calls /chat
  • Improved call center productivity and efficiency
  • We support all phases of deployment
    • business case and success criteria development
    • Integrate existing (or new) RPA’s for a touch-free process experience
    • Identification and design of use cases
    • setting up and training of Voice/Chat bots
  • Experience of implementing a wide range of use cases
  • Assisting on end to end request fulfilment cases as well managing different type of complaint handling processes.
  • Offer multilingual (100+ languages) Voice/chatbot deployment fully integrated with CRM or billing systems


A chatbot can be set up to receive text commands and provide output – or receive input.

You interact with the chatbot like a traditional chat conversation. The user provides some text input, and the chatbot present the predefined content scripted like a conversation.

With a chatbot, your call center can scale up its operation without adding more human resources, and you make support available 24/7. You also get a better insight in the customer journey and experience. With a chatbot, you can serve multiple languages, as it comes with more than 100 to choose from.

Additional benefits are added when you connect your chatbot to other back-end systems through Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In Telenor, we use it for user authentication, account creations, accesses, invitation letters, passport services, etc – and the services are now provided with no human interaction whatsoever.