Finance & Accounting

Corporate Accounting

We offer a full suite of services for the finance and accounting functions, with a strong focus on higher-end offerings that drive maximum value across the enterprise.

Business priorities are evolving, and finance functions must transform to meet new expectations. Powered by advanced operating models, digital technologies, and new skills, our F&A solutions build business resilience and drive long-term growth. Learn more and see how leading industry analysts rate our capabilities.

Accounts Payable

Reinvent and transform accounts payable with intelligent automation solutions to improve your cash flow.

Boost compliance with consistent data and enhance supplier and user experiences. Transform your accounts payable services with the process and digital innovation to unlock value and strengthen supplier relations.

We combine process knowledge with digital technologies to break functional silos in AP and deliver superior outcomes. Our experience in delivering accounts payable services, managing over 0.2 million invoices per year, helps organizations become agile.

Record To Report

We deliver faster financial close, help you improve compliance, and enhance decision-making.

We blend design thinking with finance expertise to rethink the record to report (R2R) function. With a faster, error-free financial close process that uses RPA, we transform your R2R processes and enable timely reporting.

Invoice To Cash

Transform your accounts receivable process to boost efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

We manage over 10,000 invoices a year for organizations. With our expertise in accounts receivable processes and digital technology, clients improve cycle times, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

We help companies forecast cash flow, rethink credit strategies, improve collections and deductions management, and gain visibility into their cash conversion cycle to build resilience and foster growth.